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Trish Borzon
What a great discussion! Tell us your story. What was a win for you?
Trish Borzon Dec '21

I wasn't working with folks where I sat, so going home was wonderful for me. It gave me the time to be at home with my ...

I found myself LOVING the work from home environment. So much so that I found myself seeking out opportunities to ...

It sounds like we were in a similar boat. I know that many have had a much harder time of it during the pandemic, but I am ...

For sure! I couldn't imagine trying to manage working from home with very young kids and managing their education! ...

It will definitely be difficult to start commuting again! Even though I'm only 5 minutes away. haha

Trish Borzon
Finish the sentence.
Trish Borzon Dec '21

I never thought that I could develop such solid relationships with new co-workers remotely!

right? We've had several new people join ASQ who have become great friends (even though I've never met them f2f)