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Trish Borzon
Hi Everyone, The keynote recordings have now been posted to the WCQI site
Trish Borzon May '22

Hello Trish,

When will the rest of the sessions be available online?

Joe Clements
I have just “retired” from industry into teaching! Learning new non quality skills! Am attending on line and also ...
Joe Clements May '22

Hi @Joe Clements

We didn't set up any specific networking for virtual (but will keep this in mind for next time!). I ...

Trish Borzon
Hi Everyone, I'm Trish Borzon, Community Engagement Manager for ASQ. I've been working with ASQ for 20 years ...
Trish Borzon May '21
Hi Trish! Thanks for organizing this. I am trying to catch as much of WCQI as I can. My eldest son is graduation from ...
Amanda Foster ‍ - Congratulations!!! wow - that is a buy week :D What is he going to do next?
Hello Trish Borzon

For the first decade, you were frequently using your artistic photography talents during ...
For now he's working for a friend's wood business, but he's not sure what's next after that. He has a couple of ...
Amanda Foster ‍ - That's GREAT! Let him figure out what he wants to do!
Trish Borzon
Matthew was nice enough to share his slide! Introduction to the New AIAG-VDA DFMEA_Barsalou_D35.pdf Enjoy
Trish Borzon May '21
Trish Borzon
ASQE welcomes back the finalist teams who were to originally compete in 2020, but were delayed due to the pandemic, ...
Trish Borzon May '21
So many wonderful things to say about ITEA. I can't wait to see the awards ceremony on Friday. At in-person WCQI the ...
Jeremiah Genest
This doesn't work on my computer, after recording I just get a white screen. The third time it crashed my computer. ...
Jeremiah Genest May '21
Hi Jeremiah Genest ‍ - I'm not exactly sure. Please send a note to the social/27 help desk ...
Seems to be working now. Probably just me trying to do it to early.
I just viewed it! Nice! I'll have to add one tomorrow
Trish Borzon
Don't miss “Maximizing Your ASQ Membership” on Tuesday, May 26 th at 1:00 pm CT presented by Chief Member Services ...
Trish Borzon May '21
Thank you for attaching the presentation. Two additional benefits that should be mentioned are summarized ...
Srihari Chodagiri
There is now a lot of hype about data science, some even say in the name of industry 4.0, the traditional ...
Trish Borzon
Here's your chance to visit with the speakers! Tuesday, May 25 th at 1:00 pm central Speaker Session Title ...
Trish Borzon May '21
Trish Borzon
Use this post to let us know which session(s) you like the best and why! Enjoy the conference
Trish Borzon May '21