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Rewriting the work/family narrative 721

The symposium begins with journey through the work/family narrative that has shifted since the global pandemic began, prompting the question: Is today the new normal when it comes to employment, parenting and family options? Our panelists will discuss and challenge the term work/life balance versus work/life integration and explore the future state of the workplace and home life and the roles women play throughout. Panelists: • Christy Mazzarisi, Global Quality Officer, Rational Vaccines, Inc. • Marissa Dye, Senior Quality Engineer, International Flavors and Fragrances • Susan Joseph, Head of Quality Business Process Management/QMS, Documentation & Personnel, AstraZeneca Corporate Quality • Tanya Scharton-Kersten, Owner, Kersten Compliance Services, LLC

Exploring bias and unlocking opportunity through diversity, equity, and inclusion 722

Our panelists will discuss how bias influences us and steps to take to “unlock opportunity” within ourselves and our organizations. In this interactive presentation, we’ll work together to identify bias and we'll discuss the benefits of embracing the uniqueness of others—hopefully to become DEI champions. Panelists: • Therese Steiner, Global Customer Success Director of Strategy & Operational Effectiveness, LexisNexis • Sheronda Jeffries, Technical Leader, Cisco Systems

Power Lunch Session: Stop, Start, Speak! Finding your true voice 723

A McKinsey research project conducted in partnership with LeanIn.Org revealed that one in three working mothers has considered leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers because of the stress the pandemic placed upon traditional parenting, caregiving and professional roles. Now, the post-pandemic world is asking for help, and current models don’t work anymore. It is time for women to raise our voices and lean on our strengths. In this Symposium keynote, Luciana Paulise, Latina, millennial and a quality consultant, will tell her story of personal growth and how she discovered the importance of working on herself before leading others. As the author of 5S Your Life, stop procrastination and start self-organization, Luciana will introduce the 5S method to create a more productive and collaborative workplace. Speaker: Luciana Paulise, Culture Coach, Biztorming Training and Consulting LLC

The meaning of allyship and how to achieve it 724

Presenter: Melissa Goltra, Managing Partner, FOCUS Training, Inc.

Writing Your Own Story: The Power of Intention Setting 725

Join leadership coach and facilitator Nicole Normand to learn how to transform your Symposium experience into unleashing your full potential through the power of intention setting in both your professional and personal realms. In this interactive exercise, Nicole will lead you through an intention-setting process, weaving in research on the value and best practices that intention setting brings to all aspects of our lives. Walk away with a framework you can put into immediate action and make the most of your symposium experience and offer inspiration for an exceptional 2022. Facilitator: Joanne Trotta, Founder and Managing Partner, Leaders Edge, Inc.