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Madeline Parshall
Happy Tuesday! 5 days into World Quality Month, and it's so great to see people participating on social media and ...
We had a coffee social!!!  
We were very fortunate in having full support from corporate management and over 32,000 employees celebrated ...

@Madeline Parshall wordle unlimited My company has carefully prepared in all aspects for World Quality Month.

Kristen Bird
Hello Everyone, To celebrate world Quality Month, what are you doing? I have been a member of ASQ for over a year now, ...
Kristen Bird Nov '21
nice post like it

@Jalen Nikolas
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Chris Braun
What are your themes for 2022?
Chris Braun Sep '22

@Chris Braun - we're developing that now. Thanks for your patience!

Joy Morano Joy Morano Sep '22

@Trish Borzon, are we following the theme “Quality Conscience: Doing the right thing!” I saw it from CQI.

Lalith Senaweera
The theme of World Quality Week This year’s theme of World Quality Week was Sustainability: improving our ...
Sagar Naik
Sagar Naik Nov '21
Trish Borzon
I'm Crosby - take the Guru Quiz at   PS - you ...
Trish Borzon Oct '19
I'm Deming!
Download the image & use it as your profile pic.  :)  Let's see how many gurus profile pics we get! 
I'm Deming!!!💪
I'm an Ishikawa!
World Quality Month....... November

Just discovered myself to be a Dr Amand Feigenbaum follower through the ...
Matt Bodoh
Does anyone know what the WQM theme will be for 2021?
Matt Bodoh Sep '21

@Matt Bodoh - we're just finalizing that now! Will be revealed soon

Amanda Foster
Hi all! What are your plans for celebrating world quality month during this time of COVID-19 precautions? Are you ...
Amanda Foster Aug '20
I'm just getting started planning. We were already spread out across the world so we had a trivia contest last year ...
November 2020 is World Quality Month.

The ASQ Phoenix Section is sponsoring a "Nominate Your Quality Hero" event ...
Hi folks!
We went with a "Quality Culture" theme and asked different business groups to contribute "Quality ...
Just want to thank you all for starting this post! I found it very helpful and appreciated everyones comments. This ...
Madeline Parshall
Happy World Quality Month! Have you checked out all of our brand new materials on We have new Zoom ...
Annabella Palladas
INFORMATION SOCIETY S.A. is a leading non-profit government agency and one of the largest European Union ...