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General Discussion 696
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ASQ Book Store 697
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2021 Keynote Speakers 695
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Quality Foundations 691
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As organizations increasingly rely on quality practices to navigate today’s digital challenges, it is essential to firmly grasp how, when, and why to apply those fundamental tools and techniques within their own teams and organizations. These sessions will emphasize quality’s nuts and bolts. What every quality professional must know (concepts, team basics, roles and responsibilities) Current and emerging skill sets for quality professionals Essential tools and terms (fishbone, Pareto, lean, Six Sigma, continuous improvement) Quality systems in use (Baldrige criteria, case studies)

Strengthening the Supply Chain with Quality Risk Management 692

Quality Risk Management identifies factors that can cause deviation from a quality management system’s original plan, resulting in supply chain instability, vendor volatility and decreased customer satisfaction. When implemented effectively, QRM mitigates risk and creates stability throughout the supply chain, from pricing to purchasing to procurement. This focus area offers real-world examples of how organizations apply QRM and tap into risk-based approaches to provide better outcomes for their customers, stakeholders, and quality teams. The use of machine learning and AI to speed decisions Creating ethical, reliable supply chains Establishing a culture of risk-based thinking Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

The Quality Revolution will be Digitalized 693

The COVID-19 pandemic expanded the digital transformation already underway, with emerging technologies increasing the rate of change across every business sector—and the skills needed to support them. An explosion in data gathering and new computing capabilities—along with advances in AI, automation and robotics, additive technology, and virtualization—continue to impact the quality landscape. This track explores the transformative change taking place across the quality landscape and showcases the use of digital, virtual, and internet-based tools to increase value throughout an enterprise. Big data and analytics Big data and analytics Artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR Virtual Quality Management tools and strategies The new skill set for emerging quality roles

Profiles in Excellence 694
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Celebrate winning approaches to process design, program implementation, team building and continuous improvement in this collection of sessions highlighting the best of the best in quality. Learn how an organization can build a framework of quality standards and processes that exceed customer expectations, enhance culture, embrace innovation, and ensure continuous process improvement. Leadership and engagement strategies Integrating innovation and advanced technology into current processes Change management Sustaining organizations of excellence through quality Building customer feedback into quality processes