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Cynthia Nazario
I’m excited to introduce Ben Lavoie, Global Head of Technology , Anheuser-Busch InBev. Ben is ready to discuss how ...
Cynthia Nazario Sep '18
Cynthia Nazario
Please post any final questions for Ben or comments for the group. This discussion board will close in 5 minutes. ...
Cynthia Nazario Sep '18
Cynthia Nazario
Thank you, Ben, for sharing your insights and experience with all of us today. And thank you to all who participated ...
Cynthia Nazario Sep '18
Daniel Zrymiak
Do you have a viewpoint or perspective on the idea that organizations and functional areas should intentionally ...
Daniel Zrymiak Sep '18
Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for the question! 

I agree that new processes should be designed with an eye towards ...
Barb Gamez
Hi Ben,  Thank you for participating in this live chat today! I'd like to start with a question:  How do you define ...
Barb Gamez Sep '18
Hi Barb,

Thanks for your question! I would define industry 4.0 for the organization as requiring us to be ...
Benjamin Lavoie
Hi, It's such an honor to be on this webinar with you today. I have worked for over 11 years as a practicing Lean Six ...
Benjamin Lavoie Sep '18
Duke Okes Duke Okes Sep '18
So what changes and what stays the same?
Tim Mink Tim Mink Sep '18
Is there audio?
Tim Mink, there is no audio. Live chat is using a private discussion board. You can start a new topic to ask a question ...
Tim Mink Tim Mink Sep '18
How do you see the Quality role changing in the digital age?
Hi Duke,

Thanks for the question! I strongly believe the core Mission of Quality will not change. Quality will ...
Mason Williams
Hi Ben, Can you speak about the changes that you see for technology? If you can provide examples and how each will ...
Mason Williams Sep '18
Hi Mason,

Thanks so much for your question! I see several key technology trends:

1. The shift to cloud. The cost of ...
Mason Williams
Hi Ben, What do you see with the Quality 4.0 will be the biggest challenges?  
Mason Williams Sep '18
Hi Mason,

Thanks so much for your question! I think the two biggest challenges will be the following:

1. Companies ...