Feb 15, 2022 Greater El Paso Section General Membership Meeting

This month, our speaker is Larry Estorga, the plant manager at TPI Composites in Juarez where they manufacture wind turbine blades. He’ll explain how they make these enormous aerodynamic devices. <br /> To improve wind turbine efficiency, each new design increases the size of the turbine blade. In 2021, wind turbine blades reached 262 feet (80m) in length. For reference, wind turbine blades manufactured in 2007 were 151 feet (46m) in length. You may have seen them on I-10 as they are hauled to their installation sites—they really are big.<br /> The Juarez manufacturing facility is 1.1 million square feet. Such space is required to accommodate producing these turbine blades. Reliable, high-quality processes are necessary to ensure that the turbine blades can perform efficiently while enduring years of high stress and fatigue loads.<br /> This is going to be an interesting presentation about a really important product in the electrical energy production industry. What TPI Composites is doing has made wind energy more economical to produce than coal-fired energy.<br />

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Feb 21, 2022