Azhar Khan: Automated Metrology & Visual Inspection Using A.I.

This presentation was delivered to the ASQ Inspection Division on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 at 6pm EST.<br /> <br /> Computer vision and artificial intelligence has disrupted many traditional industries. Face recognition has replaced security checks, PINs & passwords whereas Tesla's autonomous driving has changed the concept of driving. Within 5 to 10 years all inspection will be carried out by cameras and AI making rulers, tape measures, calipers and human operators obsolete.<br /> PhotoGAUGE enables businesses and technicians to inspect parts and environments using photos from commodity cameras and phones. It has gotten traction with companies such as Goodyear, HomeDepot, Danfoss and others doing inspections to get accurate measurements, identify visual anomalies and record data for validation, warranty and repair.<br /> <br /> • What is your definition of inspection?<br /> • Can you take a photo of you need to it?<br /> • What do you want the photo to tell you?<br /> <br /> Azhar Khan is founder & CEO of PhotoGAUGE, that provides inspection solutions using commodity camera phones. Prior to PhotoGAUGE, he founded Agnitus, an adaptive educational content & analytics infrastructure company. Before Agnitus, he co-founded (acquired by Google), a photo & image search company. At Like, he built company's data center, computer vision, machine learning & business intelligence infrastructures, as well as photo storage, merchant & shopping inventory operations. He also cofounded Cubus (acquire by CTSpace), an online document sharing & collaboration company. He is an advisor to (Acquired by Google), Fliptop (Acquired by Linkedin), Playnomics (Acquired by Unity 3D) & Cornell University, Dept. of Material Sciences & Engineering. Azhar holds degrees from Cornell University & Stanford Business School and started his career at Autodesk.<br /> <br /> A copy of this presentation can be made available if you contact Ahzar directly at

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