Luciana Paulise: The power of psychological safety to transform a culture!

This webinar was recorded live for the ASQ Inspection Division on November 10th, 2020.<br /> <br /> Teams are now the fundamental unit of self-organization, though many teams are still poorly designed and structured, with results that impact negatively the company’s bottom-line, the organizational environment and even its potential for growth and innovation. Many studies have shown that even a team of kindergarteners can beat a team of MBA students if they are better at interactions. You can take a team of average performers, and if you teach them to interact the right way, they’ll do things no superstar could ever accomplish. Researchers show that he main dimension that makes teams successful is psychological safety as it improves how team members interact. Psychological safety is a shared belief that the team is safe to take risks or speak up their minds without feeling embarrassed. This belief helps to unlock employee’s potential, increase engagement and set the stage for innovation.<br /> After this webinar attendees will:<br /> - learn how team performance has changed with the new generations<br /> - identify the critical factors that affect psychological safety<br /> - understand how it drives team performance<br /> <br /> Luciana Paulise (a.k.a. Lu) is a business coach, author and speaker. She is the owner of Biztorming Training & Consulting US and Argentina which specializes in 5s implementation, cultural change and innovation. She is an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, has an MBA and is an MIT postgraduate in Mastering Design Thinking. Paulise is an ASQ (American Society of Quality) senior member since 2007, current DRD for the West South-Central Region and founding member of the SETX Hispanic Women’s Network and the Women in Quality Symposium. She writes for several international media outlets like Thrive Global, Delivering Happiness and Infobae in Latin America, and is the author of S.O.S. PYMES, 20 Claves para potenciar tu empresa (S.O.S. SME’S, 20 keys to boosting your small business). She was the 2014 recipient of the Deming grant, elected as one of the 40 global leaders of quality by Quality Progress, and in 2018 was awarded Start-Up of the Year in Texas.<br />

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