Webinar: Reflective Leadership is critical to setting the Quality Strategy

Webinar Title: Reflective Leadership is critical to setting the Quality Strategy<br /> Presenter: Deborah Coviello<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: June 12, 2019<br /> <br /> This webinar shares a story of “Reflective Leadership” where we examined “Why” we lead and “How” we lead may be more important than the details of “What” we lead. This presentation may not be the solution for all Quality leaders, but it’s a conversation about what you might want to do if you’re not getting the desired results.<br /> <br /> Key takeaways:<br /> - Examples of how typical Quality leadership delivers strategic objectives and tactical plans.<br /> - Open dialog of what can be a better way to look inside and discover Why we are Quality leaders and what is important or our purpose. We also look at How we lead and improvement ways.<br /> - Call for action: re-evaluate Strategy, Roadmap and reflect on why and how.

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