Webinar: Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence

Webinar Title: Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence<br /> Presenter: Erica Dhawan<br /> Webinar Date: February 13, 2019<br /> <br /> We typically associate success and leadership with smarts, passion and luck. But in today’s hypercompetitive world, even those gifts aren’t enough. Strategist Erica Dhawan argues that the game changer is a thoroughly modern skill called Connectional Intelligence (CxQ). As radical a concept as Emotional Intelligence was in the 90s, Connectional Intelligence is helping people enlist supporters, accelerate innovation, develop strategies and sustain solutions to big problems.<br /> <br /> This dynamic webcast explores using connectional intelligence to boost your leadership skills for career success. You’ll hear real-life stories and leave with an action plan to become a power player in your organization, including:<br /> - How anyone can excel not just through skills and smarts, but through Connectional Intelligence<br /> - Keys to leveraging your networks and connections, and creating contagious positive results<br /> - Successful tactics used to address connectional overload in changing turbulent times<br /> - How leaders create deep connections of fierce loyalty and respect from their team and customers<br /> - How connectionally intelligent leaders outperform the competition and create remarkable results

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