Webinar: Your New ASQ Portal - Personalize with myASQ

Webinar Title: Your New ASQ Portal - Personalize with myASQ<br /> Presenter: John Breckline<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: January 16, 2019<br /> <br /> At the World Conference in Seattle in May 2018, ASQ launched a new platform to improve your ASQ internet experience... myASQ. It supplements ASQ.org as a personalized interface to quality communities and people, and tools to interact among them, per your needs and interests. <br /> <br /> You can engage in many ways:<br /> Communities – choose divisions, sections and special interest groups<br /> Discussions – follow others, contribute, and initiate dialogue with members<br /> Members – search and ‘friend’ members – become a follower, conduct personal chats<br /> Events – local postings, webinars, conferences... all easy to find thru filters<br /> Video – postings by members on a variety of topics<br /> News – by ASQ, within Communities, and from ASQ Leadership<br /> Home – the things important to you via Your Communities<br /> <br /> This tutorial will be a fast-paced walk-thru of the content and capabilities of myASQ. For a preview, go to www.myasq.org, log-in with your ASQ.org login information, and start exploring your new, personalized ASQ Portal. The webinar content will also give you a brief exposure to the new Search Engine being deployed across ASQ platforms to find resources important to you.

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