Webinar: Evolution of the Customer

Webinar Title: Evolution of the Customer<br /> Presenter: Rick Denley<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: October 24, 2018<br /> <br /> In this informative presentation, Rick addresses how the customer of today and tomorrow has changed, and how you need to adjust to ensure continued growth within your organization, through identifying areas for improvement in hiring, sales and marketing to meet these changing needs.<br /> <br /> Rick speaks to:<br /> <br /> - how specific generational preferences when buying have changed as we now have 4 major generations in the workplace. Rick describes how to address these different buying habits and positively influence them.<br /> - how advancements in technology, including the influence of social media and online selling are shaping the future of customer buying habits.<br /> - introduces the buying ‘engagement shift’, defining where in the sales/buying cycle we impact decision makers, how this has changed from previous years, and how to engage it.<br /> - how to prepare to meet the coming needs of your customers, including approaches to addressing the changing buying styles, influences and timing of engagement for today’s customer, ensuring continued added value and sales growth.

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