Webinar: But we had it planned so well...?! The Gap Between Planning & Execution

Webinar Title: But we had it planned so well...?! The Gap Between Planning & Execution<br /> Presenter: Sidita Hasi<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: July 25, 2018<br /> <br /> Overview<br /> <br /> This presentation was recently presented at the ASQ Boston Annual Quality Conference March 2018. The goal of this presentation is to understand what causes the gap between strategy planning and implementation and what to do about it.<br /> <br /> Background<br /> <br /> Until the past decade studies focused on strategy planning with limited attention to execution. The topic of strategy implementation was usually incorporated into the broader discussions about strategy. Schools also, offer limited classes on strategy execution and introduce the concept in the broader spectrum of strategic management. As organizations operate in a much more dynamic context, the need to focus on how to successfully implement living strategies, becomes survival rather than optional.

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