Webinar: Enabling Conversations for Quality with the OBREAU Tripod

Webinar Title: Enabling Conversations for Quality with the OBREAU Tripod<br /> Presenter: Don Dunoon<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: June 27, 2018<br /> <br /> Building a culture of quality implies conversation, specifically conversation that reaches down, reveals and makes discussable underlying assumptions, differences in perspective and difficult topics. Usually, however, conversation is impeded by default behavior patterns including reacting, judging others and ‘dancing around’. This webinar introduces a structure for supporting productive conversations on tough (thorny, sticky) issues, the OBREAU Tripod. OBREAU represents the first two letters of each of the pivotal words, Observation, Reasonableness (allowing that others are reasonable) and Authenticity. This webinar assists participants to practice engaging more mindfully and effectively with others on whatever quality and other challenges they face that are not purely technical.<br /> <br /> Participants will gain:<br /> •Awareness of default practices that tend to hamper conversations on tough issues<br /> •Appreciation of the three OBREAU practices<br /> •Ideas on how to prepare for conversations on tough quality-related issues – and on virtually any other issues of concern

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