Webinar: Developing an Environment of Innovation

Webinar Title: Developing an Environment of Innovation<br /> Presenter: Erin Urban<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: February 23, 2018<br /> <br /> Developing an environment of innovation and fostering a culture of creativity is a desirable journey in the world of business. Perhaps you would like to encourage a continuous improvement mindset. Maybe you are faced with the challenge to launch a strategic initiative, develop new products or find unique methods to attract and retain clients. Whatever your goal: harnessing the power of creativity in a corporate culture is both rewarding and terrifying.<br /> <br /> Discover how to find the joy of creative thinking, avoid the pitfalls of the Groupthink ideal, and successfully build an environment that supports diversity as well as innovation in a hectic corporate climate.

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Oct 10, 2018

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