Webinar: The Future of Work & Your Job Search During Disruption

Webinar Title: The Future of Work & Your Job Search During Disruption<br /> Presenter: Erin Urban<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: June 9, 2020<br /> <br /> We live in uncertain times. It's natural to be concerned about the future of work, industry impacts, your career, or how to conduct a successful job search during disruption. It's also essential to be able to prepare ourselves and our career the best we can for what the future will bring. Discover what the future of work might look like based on trends, behavioral science, and career industry insights so you align your career growth plan accordingly. Most importantly, learn how to prepare wisely to step into new opportunities with an effective job search strategy and stand out from the noise online. <br /> <br /> Learning Objectives: <br /> 1. Find out what to expect in the future of work, what industries will be trending, and which to avoid for long-term career growth fulfillment. <br /> 2. Distancing does not equal disconnection. Discover how to position yourself to take advantage of career opportunities in the virtual space. <br /> 3. Leverage the essential steps to stand out from the masses and to empower your job search, even during socio-economic disruption.

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