Webinar (in Arabic): ثقافة الجودة المستدامة لانجاز الأداء المتميز

Webinar Title: ثقافة الجودة المستدامة لانجاز الأداء المتميز <br /> Presenter: Dr. Souraj Salah<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: April 20, 2020<br /> <br /> Please note, this webinar was conducted in Arabic and an English translation is not currently available.<br /> <br /> Title in English: How to lead a sustainable quality culture to achieve performance excellence?<br /> <br /> Description in English: It is well agreed today that committed and effective leadership is very essential for any organization that aims not only at achieving high levels of excellence in its performance but also at sustaining that performance in the future to ensure survival. Leadership is about the creation of a work environment that motivates and engages employees as well as the creation of a culture which is conducive to quality and flexible for change. It is about drawing from various principles of quality management, and focusing equally on hard and soft aspects of management. It is about social responsibility towards workers, the whole society, environment and the future generations. For leaders to sustain an excellent level of performance for people and business, they need to effectively implement transformation models such as Lean Sigma and Award models which are properly integrated with the organization's management systems (MSs). The framework for formulating such an integration is presented through the proposed Integrated Company-Wide Management System (ICWMS) which mainly draws on five MSs grouped into strategic management, project management, daily (operation) management, process management and performance management.<br /> <br /> Three take-aways:<br /> Company-wide management system – solid infrastructure for excellence<br /> What is effective leadership about<br /> How to sustain quality culture

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