Webinar: The EQ Leader In Industry 4 0 - Part 2: Self Awareness

Webinar Title: The EQ Leader In Industry 4 0 - Part 2: Self Awareness<br /> <br /> Presenter: Jamelle Lindo<br /> <br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: March 11, 2020<br /> <br /> Rapid, disruptive change is today’s normal. It comes in waves and sometimes tsunamis. For years, the focus has been on speed and agility. But increasing workloads, technology and organizational changes are disruptive. They require resilient leaders, emotionally intelligent people able to absorb complex change and help others move forward to achieve success.<br /> In The EQ Leader In Industry 4.0 Part 1, Jamelle explained what emotional intelligence is and why it’s a critical skill for leaders during this time. In this webinar, part 2, Jamelle explains why self-awareness is essential to developing your emotional intelligence. He also helps you to understand how self-awareness techniques can be applied to various leadership scenarios in order to create desired outcomes. Ultimately, becoming a self-aware Leader will help you harness the power of emotion, increasing your level of impact and influence on those around you and show up confidently in these times of change.<br /> <br /> Takeaways: <br /> 1. An understanding of what self-awareness is<br /> 2. An ability to explain how self-awareness is connected to effective leadership<br /> 3. 2-3 practical strategies to enhance your self-awareness

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