Webinar: Energizing participant involvement when facilitating Process Improvement Events

Webinar Title: Energizing participant involvement when facilitating Process Improvement Events<br /> <br /> Presenter: Michael Gutka<br /> <br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: February 12, 2020<br /> <br /> Have you ever facilitated a process improvement event and have it fall flat due to participant apathy? If so, maybe the content being conveyed did not strike a chord with the audience or possibly you were teaching when you should have been facilitating. Successful facilitation is more than effective communication, it’s also about structuring content in a way that’s meaningful to audience so they can have their AH HA ! moments and tie it back to the environment they can relate to. The purpose of this webinar is to provide effective tools and techniques to engage & energize your audience while tying content to successful PI outcomes.<br /> <br /> Attendees will learn how to better:<br /> 1. Identify areas of improvement and potential waste<br /> 2. Structure content to improve event flow using openers, activities, energizers, and closers<br /> 3. Revisit content areas that need reinforcement

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