Webinar: Efficient Leadership..The Future Focus

Webinar Title: Efficient Leadership...The Future Focus<br /> Presenter: Nancy Nouaimeh<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: December 12, 2019<br /> <br /> We saw in the last decade considerable investments made by companies and individuals in executive training, and while there is rising demand for leadership skills many development programs failed to deliver their promised results. This webinar addresses in a practical way; future leadership trends, leadership skills required to consider in the future while developing leadership training programs and why it is required to have modified “learning models.<br /> <br /> - Part I: Introduction which addresses key trends impacting leadership and that companies and leaders need to watch for in the coming years. <br /> - Part II: Core of the webinar which addresses six key skills needed to support a prompt adaptation process to the trends discussed in part I, through sharing of examples and lessons learned.<br /> - Part III- Wrap up will discuss how the above can be tackled and achieved through a modification in “Learning Organization” models and a proper culture focusing on excellence and diversity.<br /> <br /> Key take-aways:<br /> - Knowledge of key future leadership trends<br /> - What leadership skills to focus on and self-assess against, both for individual leaders and for companies wanting to prepare their leaders for the future.<br /> - Shift needed in learning models

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