Webinar: Agile Leadership: Leading People Through Agile Principles

Webinar Title: Agile Leadership: Leading People Through Agile Principles<br /> Presenter: Sidita Hasi<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: November 12, 2019<br /> <br /> As generations change, so do their expectations towards leaders. If on one hand, methodologies were impacted by new philosophies such as agile principles, people management, on the other hand, is still strongly driven by outdated management philosophies. Aiming to shape followers who quickly embrace change isn’t enough anymore. As Jim Collins says “Good is the enemy of great” thus we must take leadership to agility levels to achieve continuous greatness. During this webinar, we view leadership through agile lenses.<br /> <br /> Key takeaways: <br /> - Assess where we were versus where we are in terms of change<br /> - Understand agile principles & myths<br /> - Learn how to leverage agile principles when leading people and model an agile vision by creating and relying on self-managed teams who initiate, inspire and lead continuous improvement

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