Webinar: Mentorship Done Right: Essential Thoughts on the Mentor & Mentee

Webinar Title: Mentorship Done Right: Essential Thoughts on the Mentor & Mentee<br /> Presenter: Dan Hopwood<br /> ASQ HD&L Webinar Date: July 10, 2019<br /> <br /> Mentorship is both an essential activity and unique skill serving as a powerful asset in our professional, academic and personal lives. Critical to the development of aspiring, new or experienced professionals, mentorship, as will be highlighted, is not solely in the purview of the manager and supervisor. Mentorship, that at its core, assists the business professional in entering a field, achieving technical, operational and business growth and, for many, ultimately in becoming leaders is embedded in the model and discussion. Mentors and mentees, both, occupy critical roles in the mentoring relationship – the many benefits for both that will be reviewed. Essential characteristics of both parties to the mentoring process will be highlighted as will what is referred to as the mentoring “covenant” – the relationship found between the mentor and mentee. The presenter’s 4 Quadrant Mentorship Model will be highlighted and its connection and use in the mentoring process.

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