Factors Influencing Customer Choice In Selection Of Banks In Kuwait

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]The quality control circle (QCC) is a well-known quality management tool, and it has been widely adopted in the manufacturing industry. However, there is a lack of literature on the relationship between the role of QCC practices and new product development (NPD). This study investigates how a firm’s achievement of new product introduction is related to the adoption and QCC experience sharing within a firm and with customers/suppliers. Survey data from 1,381 Thai manufacturing firms were collected and used to examine the research hypotheses using logistic regression analysis. The findings show that the firms that operate a QCC, disseminate QCC experiences across departments within the firm, and share QCC experiences with customers and suppliers are more likely to introduce a new product by packaging redesign and by significantly improving existing products. Sharing knowledge and experience of QCC groups facilitates the creation of innovative ideas, which influences the success of NPD. It provides new empirical evidence and extends the body of knowledge related to QCCs, quality management, knowledge sharing, and new product development.
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