“Process Automation: Preparation and Planning," by Jim Nelson

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Presented at the 5/11/2021 Minnesota Section 1203 Program Meeting.

This thought-provoking session digs into the history and complexity of process automation with a highlight on starting simple and collaborating with others. There are many options to consider when pursuing process automation and laying the foundation is critical to success and sustainment. This introductory session includes process automation scope considerations for:
  • Understanding the state of your process for leveraging automation
  • Defining key stakeholders and collaborators
  • Researching and selecting automation priorities
  • Preparing for automation implementation projects
  • Sustaining automation efforts for effective process result
MNASQ_20210511_Process_Automation_Preparation_and_Planning_by_Jim_NelsonMNASQ_20210511_Process_Automation_Preparation_and_Planning_by_Jim_NelsonProcess_Automation: Preparation_and_Planning1540 KB

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