"Strategy and Tools for Transformation Leaders," by Tony Belilovskiy

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Presented at the 4/13/2021 Minnesota Section 1203 Program Meeting.

This inspiring, thought-leading session shows you how to make complex transformation easier and the pace faster. Highlighted practitioner results are bigger and more sustainable than anything you have seen.
This fast-paced session introduces a new paradigm with an organized way to:
  • Connect strategy, daily work, and customer insight.
  • Define intangible knowledge work as concrete, measurable and repeatable.
  • Determine who “the customer” really is in every context and why it matters.
  • Inject existing initiatives with a strong customer bias, leveraging current practices.
  • Strengthen the four areas of performance most measurement systems miss.
  • Use new tools for outstanding results.
Keynote_Tony_Belilovskiy_Strategy_and_Tools_for_Transformation_Leaders MNASQ1203_20210413Keynote_Tony_Belilovskiy_Strategy_and_Tools_for_Transformation_Leaders MNASQ1203_20210413Presentation handout6028 KB
Handout_Tony_Belilovskiy_Strategy_and_Tools_for_Transformation_Leaders MNASQ1203_20210413Handout_Tony_Belilovskiy_Strategy_and_Tools_for_Transformation_Leaders MNASQ1203_20210413Handout: Customer-Centered Excellence Assessment6034 KB

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