“Current Calibration Challenges and Opportunities in the Medical Device Industry,” by Cory Otto

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Presented at the 3/09/2021 Minnesota Section 1203 Program Meeting.

Performing calibrations in any industry can be challenging; the medical device industry, with its focus on patient safety and numerous quality regulations, is no different. To address these challenges, equipment owners and their calibration partners must work together to ensure assets are appropriately inducted into the calibration system, properly used and controlled throughout their lifecycle, correctly calibrated to meet process requirements, and suitably retired at the end of their life. Compounding these complexities is the need for experienced and qualified workers in an era lacking a formal means for obtaining an education in calibration.
20210309_Current_Calibration_Challenges_and_Opportunities_in_the_Medical_Device_Industry_Cory_Otto.pdf20210309_Current_Calibration_Challenges_and_Opportunities_in_the_Medical_Device_Industry_Cory_Otto.pdfCurrent_Calibration_Challenges_and_Opportunities_in_the_Medical_Device_Industry548 KB


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Presented at the 3/09/2021 Minnesota Section 1203 Program Meeting.
  • Posted Fri 19 Mar 2021 03:05 PM CDT

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