"Big Data Techniques & Tools," By Dr. Charles Liedtke

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It has become necessary for many organizations to develop their Big Data competences in order to provide superior value to customers and/or to attain a sustainable competitive advantage. In some industries—like financial services, retail, transportation, health care, and Major League Baseball to name a few—simply having Big Data abilities is not enough. Big Data superiority is the key to sustained success. The Quality Management field has at least three famous tool boxes: 7 Basic QC Tools, 7 New QC Tools, and the 7 Strategy Tools. What are some of the most useful Big Data techniques and tools? What would be candidates for the set of  7 Big Data Tools? This presentation will highlight some of the most useful techniques and tools for Big Data initiatives and activities.
Presented at the 2/9/2021 Minnesota Section 1203 Program Meeting


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Presented by Dr. Charles Liedtke at the 2/9/2021 Minnesota Section 1203 Program Meeting. Contact Dr. Liedtke at charles@sisliedtke.com for details.
  • Posted Thu 11 Feb 2021 02:45 PM CST

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