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Grace Duffy‍ , I second Susan Peiffer‍ . Organizations are spending money in training, but after that the whole process comes to a HOLD. 

There is a huge group interested in this particular issue. 
  • Posted Sat 24 Aug 2019 11:29 AM CDT
Thank you for this input. I had underestimated the interest in the topic. The Training and Delivery CMC can discuss opportunities to integrate learning and skills into daily activities. 
  • Posted Sat 24 Aug 2019 12:05 PM CDT
Your QMD leadership is sitting in our annual Strategic Planning session in Milwaukee. August 24, 2019. What type of information or learning would this content group be interested in as a means of sharing our professional experience in Training and Development? Thank you, Grace Duffy, member T&D Content Management Committee
  • Posted Sat 24 Aug 2019 10:02 AM CDT
I would like to learn about effective methods to integrate knowledge and skills learned in training into routine behavior.
  • Posted Sat 24 Aug 2019 11:08 AM CDT

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