Healthcare Quality and Improvement Committee

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The Healthcare Quality and Improvement Committee is a collaborative technical committee between the ASQ Quality Management Division and the ASQ Healthcare Division

Our Mission: Be a resource for the effective foundational and emerging performance improvement methodologies relating to health and healthcare systems.”

Team Objectives:
  1. Target higher levels of leadership, such as the CEO, CFO, CIO, CSO and others, with techniques to assist organizations to fit quality and performance methodologies into their overall strategy.
  2. Engage in research and application related to both the Quality Management and Healthcare sections of the overall QBoK as they apply to health and healthcare content.
  3. Use a holistic approach to system level value realization, explore the boundaries of performance and process methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and others to support the growing demands of health and healthcare at the global level.
  4. Reinforce the existing relationship between the Quality Management and Healthcare technical communities for joint member interest and industry segment content.
  5. Document and publish, using a range of media and social channels, the results of committee research and application, including activities related to all three published focused areas. 
  6. Explore the overlap in customer segments and content between the Quality Management and Healthcare Divisions through joint study, research, writing, presentations and other deliverables.
  7. Expand the offerings in support of the customized Healthcare quality management system model with additional Monographs and tools supporting the improvement and sustainability of performance excellence in traditional healthcare institutions
Areas of Focus

Maintenance and Support

Papers and Monographs

Expansion of Use
  • Identify new QMS pilots
  • Engage ASQ members as coaches for individual pilots
  • Register the QMS as an American National Standard
  • Propose conference sessions at appropriate venues to provide visibility of the HC QMS Model and associated monographs and papers
  • Generate new publications on the benefits of the QMS in healthcare
  • Develop Monograph 3 on QMS data analysis and basic implementation tools
  • Create additional papers QMS-related topics for HC/QM TC members
  • Seek out new, alternative publication venues
  • Seek and support new opportunities for QMS utilization, as suggested and chosen by Healthcare Quality and Improvement committee members, Technical Community and ASQ leadership

Join the Discussion

Members of the Healthcare Quality and Improvement Committee are:
Grace Duffy Eugene (Gene) M. Barker
Pierce Story Gregory Gurican
Alberto Araujo Kelly Podgorny, DNP, MS, CPHQ, RN
Cathy Fisher Larry Timmerman
Cheri Graham-Clark MSN, RN, PHN, CPHQ, CPHRM, ASQ SSBB Lynn Louis Loynes
Christine Bales Maureen Washburn
Denise Robitaille Ron Schulingkamp
Donna Gillespie Rowenachona Sano
Douglas B. Dotan Sue Peiffer, MS-MT (ASCP), MHA, CSSBB
Douglas C. Wood Susan Gorveatte
Elizabeth Asfaw  

Historical Perspective: Healthcare Quality and Improvement Committee
Additional Resources
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HQIC: Deliverables 2019HQIC: Deliverables 2019A word document detailing the deliverables for HQIC in 201968 KB
HQIC: Member DirectoryHQIC: Member DirectoryA pdf file containing committee member information103 KB


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