III.A.4 Human Resources (HR) Management

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Excerpt from The Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence Handbook

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Human Resources Responsibilities Shared by HR and Other Functional Managers. The responsibilities of managers of other functions, relative to HR, are to:
  • Set functional human resources–related objectives aligned to the overall organization’s strategic goals and objectives.
  • Clearly communicate personnel resource requirements and specifications to the HR function.
  • Learn and apply skills in interviewing job candidates.
  • Follow the policies, procedures, and guidelines promulgated by the HR function.
  • Learn and abide by the laws and regulations governing personnel behavior as they pertain to the function.
  • Seek the counsel and guidance of the HR function on personnel legal issues, labor relations issues, safety, security, and employee welfare issues.
  • Ensure that quality responsibilities are addressed in job descriptions and the evaluations/appraisals of employees’ performance for all organizational levels within the function.
  • Learn and apply a coaching style of managing, including effective performance feedback, and recognition of employees for work done well.
  • Support the continual development of the function’s personnel (career planning support, promotions, lateral movement to gain additional competence, training and education, and other opportunities for personal development).
  • Create and maintain a succession plan for key positions within the function.
  • Ensure that all employees in the function are treated fairly and justly.

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III Management Elements and Methods
III.A Management Skills and Abilities
III.A.4 Human resources (HR) management - Apply HR elements in support of ongoing professional development: setting goals and objectives, conducting performance evaluations, developing recognition programs, ensuring that succession plans are in place where appropriate. Develop quality-supportive responsibilities to include in job descriptions for positions throughout the organization.

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