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The Quality Management Division of ASQ is always looking for webinar speakers. We have a robust 14 week process for ensuring relevant content that is marketed appropriately prior to the day of the webinar. 

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Webinar /Speaker Submission Form

Webinar Development and Marketing Process

Speaker Webinar Submission

The potential webinar presenter must submit a Webinar/ Speaker Submission Form (see link above) with a minimum 14 weeks in advance of the proposed webinar date. The Webinar/ Speaker Submission Form should be emailed to the QMD Education team per instructions on the form. Presenters can present QMD Sponsored Webinars in these broad topic areas:
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Plan Development and Deployment
  • Management Elements and Methods
  • Quality Management Tools
  • Customer Focused Organizations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Training and Development

Submission Review

The QMD Education team will review the submission form with the help of the QMD Content Management Committee. The review will consist of how well the webinar topic fits the topic areas above and how experienced the presenter is at presenting material. The results of the review are generally given to the potential candidate within a week. The presenter will be asked to sign an agreement allowing ASQ to use the content once the submission is approved. 

Schedule Webinar in WebEx

If the webinar is accepted by the QMD Education Team, the webinar is scheduled in WebEx as an event. Webinar participants will be required to register for the webinar in advance. The Webinar is generally scheduled within a week of accepting the Speaker Submission Form.

Create MyASQ Event

Once a webinar is scheduled and event is set up in the QMD Community on MyASQ. The event contains a link to register for the webinar on WebEx. The MyASQ event is set up once the event is set up in WebEx.

Create MyASQ News Article

A news article is published in the QMD Community of MyASQ no later than 11 weeks prior to the webinar being presented. The news article is prominently featured on the QMD Home Page. Only 3 news articles can be displayed on the home page at a time, so the articles are scheduled so that each article remains on the home page until the webinar date.
1st and 2nd Eblast

The Quality Management Division sends out and email blast to all 25,000 members once per month. The submission date to ASQ headquarters is the 2nd Monday of each month. An article advertising the webinar is placed at least two email blasts prior to the webinar being presented.  

Submit Slides

The presenter is expected to submit their slides to the QMD Education team at least 3 weeks prior to the webinar date. The slides are required to be in a format branded for the ASQ Quality Management Division. Templates for both the standard width and wide screen formats are available for download at the bottom of this resources page. Submitting the slide deck early allows the team to load the slides into WebEx and ensure they load properly and allows the team to ensure proper branding of the material.

Presenter Practice

The QMD Education team schedules a practice run through the slides 2 to 3 weeks prior to the presentation. The date of the practice session depends on QMD Education Team and presenter availability. The practice session allows the presenter to familiarize themselves with the WebEx platform and the general format and flow of QMD sponsored webinars.

MyASQ Reminder Message

A reminder message to register for the webinar is sent to all 5,500 members of the QMD Community in MyASQ approximately one week before the webinar is scheduled to be held.

WebEx Reminder Emails

There are two reminder messages set up to automatically fire off to all participants that registered for the Webinar. The first one is scheduled for 1 week in advance and the 2nd one is sent 24 hours in advance.

Present Webinar

On the day of the webinar the presenter is expected to log in about 30 minutes prior to the start of the webinar. An ASQ Education team moderator will walk the presenter through the agenda and answer any last-minute questions.

WebEx Thank you and RU documentation email

A thank you email is sent to each participant within 24 hours after the webinar. The email includes a link to the webinar recording on WebEx and provides each participant for documentation of 0.1 recertification units (RU’s) that can be used for any ASQ certification.

Post Production Activities

The webinar recording is posted to the QMD YouTube Channel and the MyASQ QMD Videos with 48 hours after the webinar is completed. A link to the MyASQ video will be posted on each relevant resource page in the Quality Management Body of Knowledge.

Standard Screen PowerPoint Template for QMD WebinarsStandard Screen PowerPoint Template for QMD WebinarsUse this template to develop slides in the standard screen format. 2381 KB
Wide Screen PowerPoint Template for QMD WebinarsWide Screen PowerPoint Template for QMD WebinarsUse this template to develop slides in the wide screen format.2378 KB

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