2021 Call for Section Officer Nominations

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2021 Call for Section Officer Nominations
The section is now opening the nomination process for the 2022 officer slate by petition.  Please submit names of nominated individuals to Doug Long, Secretary, via e-mail through DLong@memberleader.asq.org by August 31, 2021.  Nominations require the submission of a nomination petition signed by at least 10 Regular Members* of the Greater Atlanta Section.  Both individuals seeking nomination as well as the signatures submitted on the nominating petition must be members in good standing affiliated with the Greater Atlanta Section.  The final slate will be presented to members at the September Section Meeting as well as on the Atlanta section myASQ site.

*Regular Members are voting members of ASQ.  These are Full, Senior, Fellow, and Honorary members, as well as the primary contact from Site, Enterprise, and K-12 memberships.

Below is a brief description of each position that is open for nominations.  Each of these positions is for a one-year term that runs from January 2022 – December 2022.

Chair Elect
Performs duties as directed by Chair in support of the organization’s mission and goals. The nominee must have the basic knowledge of the Society’s and section’s operations, bylaws, and policies and procedures.  The nominee will establish the section’s business plan for the year and develop the internal systems for implementing the plan.  The nominee must be willing to provide contact information for section business purposes and be willing to provide an email address as Society communication with volunteers is primarily electronic.  This position succeeds to the position of Chair following the completion of the first term. 

Documents business and maintain records. Serves as the official correspondent.

Oversees funds. Maintains accurate financial records. Reports on financial condition at times directed by the bylaws and policies and procedures.

The form is below on this page.    For more information, please contact Jan Lee, Nominating Committee Chair, JLee@memberleader.asq.org.

Jan Lee
Nominating Committee Chair
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