2021 Greater Atlanta Section Leadership Team

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Section Chair Luis Morales lmorales@memberleader.asq.org
Chair Elect Heather Hughes hhughes@memberleader.asq.org
Nominating / Immediate Past Chair Jan Lee  jlee@memberleader.asq.org
Secretary Doug Long dlong@memberleader.asq.org
Treasurer Judi Kern jkern@memberleader.asq.org

Arrangements Mike Barnes mbarnes@memberleader.asq.org
Audit Fred Feltmann ffeltmann@memberleader.asq.org
Education Doug Long dlong@memberleader.asq.org
Employment Assistance Stephanie Martin smartin@memberleader.asq.org
Historian Fred Feltmann ffeltmann@memberleader.asq.org
Membership Heather Hughes hhughes@memberleader.asq.org
Programs Doug Waterman dwaterman@memberleader.asq.org
Publicity Alex Olewicz aolewicz@memberleader.asq.org
Scholarship Doug Waterman dwaterman@memberleader.asq.org
Section Technology Jerome Lofton jlofton@memberleader.asq.org
SharePoint / Webmaster Ruffin Booth jbooth@memberleader.asq.org
Voice of the Customer Brad West bwest@memberleader.asq.org


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Judith Kern
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