Article - Are Toastmaster’s benefits undervalued in Quality?

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Are Toastmaster’s benefits undervalued?

Why this article is of value to Quality Professionals?

Communication and Leadership traits are vital skills for any individual to be successful in today’s world. Quality Professionals are no exception. As quality professionals, we all have accumulated abundant knowledge over the course of our careers but for us to succeed, we need to communicate with peers, leadership team, team members either to train, to submit proposal or to communicate on a process improvement effort planned ahead or even just to share that knowledge with relevant audiences we need to also work on our presentation skills, learn how to connect with the audience in effective ways than we are today. From my experience with Toastmasters, I found that toastmasters program is really helpful to upgrade these vita skills for us. That’s reason, I am sharing the following article so that every quality professions (not exposed to Toastmasters) can benefit and be in a better position to showcase their expertise and become thought leaders in their domain/industries in few years ahead. 

Benefits of being a Toastmaster is mainly perceived as improving public speaking skills (including evaluation skills) as well as leadership skills which by itself is of immense value in the world today. However, there are a number of associated benefits which are undervalued and underrepresented. These attributes if added to the above, makes a complete person ready to make a mark in the world. You can identify a Toastmaster from a crowd after just listening to him/her for a few minutes. Yes, he/she must be a Toastmaster!
The intent of this article is to highlight some of the major benefits from my five years of association with Toastmasters in Vancouver.

The full 5-page article can be downloaded in PDF in the Link/Resource below for FREE.

Article was written by:

Santosh Mishra, ACB, ACL
Past President of PMI Toastmasters Club, Burnaby, Canada

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