Webinar --- Seattle Geographic Community (SGC) leadership Update

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Seattle Geographic Community (SGC) leadership Update

Our new 2022 ASQ Seattle Geographic Community (SGC) leadership would like to update you on 2021 successes and our 2022 plan leading us through this COVID challenge. Our new Chair, Ardith Beitel, will be leading this discussion and update with our new team. We are looking forward to sharing this with you and will leave time at the end for Q&A. Please bring our questions in preparation for this webinar.

Chair - Ardith Beitel
Past Chair - Greg Sinn
Secretary - Scott Siderman
Quality Body of Knowledge Chair – Margaret Dorchester
Education and Training Chair - Fred Cramer

Our Chair Ardith Beitel is a Quality Assurance Program Manager for Puget Sound Energy. She is a Senior Member of ASQ and holds ASQ CQA and CQT certifications. She has served in various member leader roles at the Section, Division and Society level.
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