Webinar Recording 3/11/2021: Innovation Management to achieve the U.N.’s SDG’s

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Innovation Management to achieve the U.N.’s SDG’s

Innovation is now seen as the only answer to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The SDG’s are interconnected and support the three U.N. pillars of sustainable development: economic growth, social equity and environmental protection. Achieving the SDGs by 2030 has the potential to generate peace and shared prosperity on a healthy planet, but they require radical solutions.

We are moving too slowly, and we need breakthrough innovation to achieve the goals. This requires innovation management and systems thinking, and the public sector will have to work with the social sector and enlist the private sector. As a result, a common approach to innovation management will be an imperative. Innovation has been one of the great drivers of progress for humanity, but most innovation efforts are piecemeal.

ISO works closely with the U.N., and the ISO 56000 series provides that system approach. Crucial elements of an innovation management system (IMS) are a strategy with the ability to scale and deploy solutions rapidly, and a culture that includes creative thinking. Breakthrough innovation is critical for achieving the SDGs and this session describes innovations that have contributed to the journey to the SDGs, along with innovations still in the development stage.

Peter Merrill
Peter Merrill is a Keynote Speaker on Innovation and has keynoted at conferences in cities such as Dubai, Mumbai and Shanghai. He began his career in R&D in a major UK corporation and later as Chief Executive of a leading Design Brand in that corporation he led Innovation in one of the most demanding markets.

He is one of North America’s foremost authorities on Management Systems which he has implemented in such innovative companies as IBM, A.I.G., and BlackBerry. He was founding chair of the ASQ Innovation Division and currently chairs the Canadian national committee to ISO/TC279 the Technical Committee on Innovation Management.

He is author of the books “Innovation Generation”, “Innovation Never Stops”, and his most recent book is “ISO 56000, Building Innovation into your QMS.” He writes the Innovation Column for Quality Progress.

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