Webinar - Lean where you least expect it

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Not everyone works for an organization that celebrates continuous improvement.  Sometimes the necessary support for CI efforts to be successful is lacking at the executive level. 
This presentation covers ways you can implement Lean personally and be the spark that lights an organization's flame. 

Areas covered include Lean opportunities at home, the outside world, and work and how to be more efficient and effective in all of your actions.
Manny Veloso is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and principal of CI Consulting Services, LLC. He has spearheaded many CI initiatives and completed projects in a variety of industries ranging from defense, heavy fabrication, medical, aerospace, and food production. Manny has over 20 years of experience in engineering and continuous improvement training and implementation

The key thread in all of his experiences is a commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. A knowledgeable and engaging presenter, he spends much of his time coaching others through both project and leadership development.
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