Recertification - Webinar Recording, PPT file & Q&A Summary

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This resource provides general guidance on:
  • Securing history¬†from Ft Worth Section RU Database
  • Uploading your information to the ASQ Online Journal
  • Determining status of your RU credits towards Renewal
  • Processing Journal to final Renewal
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File, Audio
ReCert Webinar 2020-14 Q&AReCert Webinar 2020-14 Q&AReCert Webinar 2019-04 Q&A 16 KB
ReCert Webinar 2020-01 RecordingReCert Webinar 2020-01 Recording110526 KB
ReCert Webinar - 2020-02 PPT DeckReCert Webinar - 2020-02 PPT Deck993 KB

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Date Added: Oct 22, 2020
Date Last Modified: Feb 10, 2021
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