Quality's Impact on the Global Pandemic Response

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ASQ’s thought-leadership article series, “Quality's Impact on the Global Pandemic Response," explores how quality practices are playing a critical role in the COVID-19 vaccination effort.
We’re thrilled to announce the release of the second in-depth article of this series, “Readiness Is All: How Quality Prepared FedEx for COVID-19.” Featuring ASQ and ASQE’s organizational partner, FedEx, this article explores how their long-embraced quality practices and dedication to quality readied them to overcome the seemingly insurmountable logistical challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the enormous need for vaccination delivery.
Technical Community Chairs, please take two actions. First, become familiar with this article and the article series. The COVID-19 response efforts taking place in vaccine administration, distribution and development around the globe truly underscore the relevance and importance of our profession.
Second, help us to raise awareness of this second article, and the article series, if you have not already. Please spotlight this very special project in your next email and newsletter for your Technical Community members, and include these website links:
Project introduction and context
Quality’s Impact on the Global Pandemic Response
Direct-download article links
Quality’s Impact on COVID: Two Healthcare Stories of Effective Vaccine Provision
Readiness Is All: How Quality Prepared FedEx for COVID-19
Our third and final article of this three-part series will be released in late August to showcase how quality best practices have positively impacted the development of COVID-19 vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.
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