Reduction of the Incidence of Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers

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HBOK 2-198
Title Reduction of the Incidence of Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers
Author(s) Joe DeFeo and J. Er Ralston
Source ASQ Healthcare Division
Published Date 2009-12
Topic Medical Ethics

Data Analysis

Work Process Design (including environments of care)

Abstract Models of excellence and doing the right thing are found in codes of ethics, certification programs, and award criteria.  In this era of competitiveness and complexity, people and their organizations are challenged to understand the multiple aspects of ethics.  For many individuals, quality is tied to the opportunity to do the right thing.  There also is opportunity for anyone to rationalize and succumb to inappropriate behavior.  Some organizations increase the opportunity for unethical behavior by valuing efficiency over effectiveness and by misusing reward and recognition programs.  To enhance the opportunity to do right, there are codes of ethics.  Professional codes include the ASQ Code of Ethics.  In 1946 ASQ created a Committee on Professional Ethics, Professional Standards and Grades of Membership, which now is the ASQ Ethics Committee.  Some individuals also have codes of ethics; an example is W. Edwards Deming's Code of Professional Conduct.  Professional licensing or certification also is a tool for identifying excellence, and it has been suggested that most ethics code violations in ASQ deal with certification issues.  The ISO 9000 series of standards provides another way to define the right thing to do.  However, ISO registration has encouraged conflicts of interest in consultants who both build and evaluate ISO-compliant systems.  The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award provides yet another model of professional excellence.  Other tools for helping quality professionals deal with ethical matters are education and awareness building.  This article includes the text of the ASQ Code of Ethics.
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Reference Code 2-198
Key Words Case study, Healthcare, Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, Braden Score, Business results, Root cause analysis

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