Site Seeing

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HBOK 3-134

Title Site Seeing
Author(s) Louis Yu, Esther Urkin, Steve Lum, Ron Kenett, and Ron Ben-Jacob
Source Quality Progress
Published Date 2011-09
Topic Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Risk Management

Strategic Planning Process

Abstract This article describes the use of quality function deployment (QFD) and desirability functions to augment a basic risk score to yield a comprehensive contextualized risk profile that an organization can use to track and manage both internal and external risks. The article describes an example of how this process is used within a pharmaceutical company. This risk management model has generalizable principles that can be applied to other organizations within the healthcare sector.
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Reference Code 3-134
Key Words Audits, Compliance, Manufacturing process, Organizational culture, Pharmaceutical industry, Quality audit, Quality metrics, Regulations, Risk analysis
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