Total Quality, Total Commitment

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HBOK 3-132

Title Total Quality, Total Commitment
Author(s) Gregory H. Watson
Source Quality Progress
Published Date 2008-11
Topic History of Quality (TQM, CQI, QC, QA)

Quality Leaders in Healthcare


Abstract All industries, including healthcare, should take the time to study the history of quality to better understand and apply the concepts of quality today. For quality professionals, this article provides both the history and recognition for the profession. Since his early association with General Electric and throughout his 60-year career, Armand V. Feigenbaum has been closely linked with the term total quality. During his career, Feigenbaum has received many honors for his volunteer work and professional contributions. President George W. Bush named Feigenbaum as a laureate of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation (NMTI) in recognition of his work in the field of total quality and his impact on society. Sidebar articles provide a history of the NMTI and outline Feigenbaum’s core teachings.
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Reference Code 3-132
Key Words Quality profession, Armand V. Feigenbaum, Total Quality Control (TQC), Total Quality Management (TQM), Quality awards
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