The Changing Role of Quality: A Broader Perspective

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Title The Changing Role of Quality: A Broader Perspective
Source Journal for Quality and Participation
Published Date 2011-10
Topic History of Quality (TQM, CQI, QC, QA)

History of Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Quality Leaders in Healthcare

Abstract Every three years beginning in 1996, the American Society for Quality has conducted a study of the future. The goal of these studies is not to predict the future, but to prepare for a wide variety of possible futures. The full 2011 study is titled “Emergence,” representing both the inevitability of unpredictable change and the arising of complex systems and patterns from the interaction of simple components. The study identifies eight key forces that will likely shape the future and three long- term dynamic factors that inform the four future scenarios it presents. None of these scenarios are likely to occur exactly as described. Instead, the scenarios highlight the potential for changes of the key forces. The authors of the ASQ study believe that the quality profession will escalate to the enterprise and inter-enterprise level, increasing the opportunity for disconnects to cause rapidly propagating negative consequences.
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Key Words American Society for Quality (ASQ), Change, Future Outlook, Globalization, Quality profession, Emergence
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