Strong Foundation, Solid Future

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HBOK 3-139

Title Strong Foundation, Solid Future
Author(s) Denis Leonard
Source Quality Progress
Published Date 2008-03
Topic Governance and Accountability
Abstract The scandals involving Enron, WorldCom, and other corporations resulted in a resurgence of social responsibility (SR) focusing on ethics and governance in business and politics. Rather than fading after those events, SR has become relevant to many, with the potential to affect local communities, business relationships, national interests, and global fellowship. A more integrative use of existing standards, public support and demand, and the pending release of ISO 26000 ensure sustained momentum for SR. Sidebar articles describe a voluntary program encouraging organizations to monitor their environmental impact and present ASQ’s effort to link quality and SR.
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Reference Code 3-139
Key Words Ethics, Organizational culture, Behavior modification, Environment, Change agent, Community relations
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