2021_03 Automotive Division Webinar - Applying Law of TRIZ Ideality to achieve Quality

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The Presentation:

Applying Law of TRIZ Ideality to achieve Quality
Quality= Minimal Harm to Society” Dr. Genichi Taguchi

Applying Law of Ideality to achieve Quality
“Quality = Minimal Harm to Society” Dr. Taguchi
Applying Law of Ideality to achieve Quality
“Quality = Minimal Harm to Society” Dr. Taguchi

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The Presenters:

Mansour Ashtiani, President & Owner Global Technology & Innovation, LLC

Richard Langevin, CEO & Owner Technical Innovation Center Inc.

Mansour Ashtiani is currently the president & owner of GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION, LLC (GTI) in Novi, Michigan. He has worked in the automotive industry since 1985 at General Motors Advanced Manufacturing department and Delphi Automotive in the Advanced Development Department and Technical Innovation Center as a TRIZ consultant and ITT Institute as an instructor for science and problem-solving courses and Rich Products in Buffalo, N.Y.  as TRIZ / Innovation expert in Advanced Development department and Huf North America Automotive Components Manufacturing as the director of Innovation and Materials Engineering department. He has been responsible for deployment and teaching of TRIZ methodologies and TRIZ software deployment at Delphi and Rich Products and Huf North America as well as teaching and hosting TRIZ workshops for solving extraordinarily complex engineering problems in design and manufacturing, Mansour has had a successful career in the field of automotive and has been awarded with other co-inventors more than 65 patents and trade secrets and records of Invention. He has received the GM Boss Kettering award and has been inducted into the Delphi Hall of fame for his development of the first low shrink Stereolithography resin back in 1991. He has also received the title of Innovation master by Invention Machine and also he is a TRIZ specialist. He has been in various positions including Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced development and Knowledge Management as well as Director of Innovation and Materials Engineering. He has developed many new technologies first in industry.
In his current company GTI, he is helping other companies to develop new engineering materials and new technologies and solve their most difficult manufacturing problems as well as teaching Innovation methodologies such as TRIZ and TRIZ software and other methods. He has also given seminars to colleges and universities in the field of TRIZ. He has earned his Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University in Chemical Engineering and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Polymer science from University of Detroit Mercy. He served as the president of Altshuller Institute for advancement of TRZ for 4 years and has served as in the board of director of Altshuller Institute. Mansour believes that Innovation on demand is possible if you understand your technical problem and if you know TRIZ methodology and how to apply it. He is willing to teach it to anyone who is willing to learn. Mansour is currently collaborating and co-teaching seminars and classes on TRIZ with Richard Langevin from Technical Innovation Center, Inc. Mansour has two daughters and one son, and he loves the lord, and he enjoys spending time with his children and their dog Sophie and walking and cycling and spending time in various volunteer activities including meals on wheels.
Richard Langevin was a Founder of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies in 1998. The Institute is a 501(c)3, not for profit organization to promote the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) to benefit humanity. In 2000, Mr. Langevin became the Executive Director and Treasurer of the Institute. The Altshuller Institute has been conducting TRIZCON events since 1999 to promote TRIZ globally. Its efforts have produced TRIZ Institutes in Europe, Japan, Mexico, China, India, Korea, and Taiwan. 
He is also the CEO and principal owner of Technical Innovation Center Inc.  (TIC) incorporated in 1995, a recognized TRIZ provider and book publisher. TIC has published 5 TRIZ books which are sold globally. His primary responsibilities included Administration, Training, and Product Development. He attended Iowa State University on a full NROTC Regular Scholarship and graduated with a BS in Physics and Education. During his six years in the Navy, he supported the ships' logistics resupply in the Sixth Fleet. He was also the Fleet Foreign Currency Coordinator while on station aboard the USS Concord in the Mediterranean Sea. He achieved the rank of full Lieutenant before he resigned. Langevin has been conducting TRIZ workshops for over twenty years. He has trained and certified a host of individuals from numerous companies in TRIZ tools and their applications. His diverse background in the military and private sector provides a rich experience and perspective for the use and deployment of TRIZ.

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