2021_06 Automotive Division Webinar - Technical Problem-Solving Tactic of Choice – The Component Swap by Mike Ernat

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The Presentation:

Complex technical problems require a disciplined approach in data collection to efficiently and effectively reduce the many potential inputs and arrive at the issue root cause.  The Component Swap has proven to be a powerful and effective tactic to efficiently solve these problems when applied correctly to technical systems.  Unfortunately, many times teams do not correctly apply the tactic or chose to take short cuts.  This results in conflicting or misleading data slowing down the team’s problem-solving efforts and sending them down dead-end paths.  This presentation shows common Component Swap mistakes, provides a roadmap to correctly perform the study, and demonstrates a use case in the successful application of the tactic.

Learning Objectives:
The participant will learn common mistakes when applying a Component Swap
The participant will learn the correct method to successful run a Component Swap including a case study example
The Presenter:
Mike Ernat is the currently Supervisor of Connected Vehicle Data Quality and the Vehicle Embedded Software & Connectivity 6-Sigma Deployment Director at the Ford Motor Company.  He has over 30 years of experience at Ford across Manufacturing, Quality, and Product Development Engineering.  This includes the last 15 years as a Master Black Belt leading teams in successful complex technical problem solving and teaching 6-Sigma, problem solving, leadership, and statistical analysis competencies.  Mike has developed and taught numerous problem-solving, leadership, and 6-Sigma tool usage courses at Ford. He has been a leader and recognized subject matter expert in problem solving, Six Sigma DMAIC, and Design for Six Sigma.

Mike has earned a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oakland University and a Master’s degree in Management from Walsh College.

Mike’s passions include his family (married 24 years with a 19 year old daughter), faith, teaching/mentoring others, and just about any sport.
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2021_0628_TechPS_Method_of_Choice-ComponentSwap.pdf2021_0628_TechPS_Method_of_Choice-ComponentSwap.pdfFlyer for Technical Problem-Solving Tactic of Choice – The Component Swap by Mike Ernat - Includes link at the bottom to the recording and Google Docs248 KB
Component Swap Test Methodology 06-28-21.pdfComponent Swap Test Methodology 06-28-21.pdfPresentation for the webinar Component Swap Test Methodology646 KB

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