2004-Spring_Automotive Excellence_Distilling the Essential Components of Satisfaction and Quality

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- Distilling the Essential Components of Satisfaction and Quality by Sherri Loweke and Mark Sickau
  • The challenge of making the voice of the customer actionable
  • Prioritizing customer service attributes in the automotive industry
  • Considerations for developing a condensed meteric set of customer satisfaction data
  • Identifying the consideration set for a simplified equation
  • Using factor analysis to develop a “baseline” Model
  • Multiple regression of baseline model factors
  • Testing potential simplified equations to develop an optional solution
  • Integrating Objective Statistical Analysis with Organizational Values and Constraints
  • Weighting the Condensed Meteric Set to Develop a Simplified Equation of Drivers of Customer Satisfaction or Quality
  • Establishing Validity of the Condensed Model of Key Drivers
  • From Equation to Action - Applying Condensed Metric Sets to Business Planning and Six Sigma Deployment
  • Improving Target Setting at the Business Unit Level
  • Operationalizing Customer Value by Integrating Customer Perception Metrics with Internal Process Metrics
  • Using Condensed Metrics Sets for more effective Six Sigma Deployment
- Lean Quality Conference
  • Automotive in the Lead
  • Comparing Auto Warranties
- Driving Effective Process Mistake-Proofing By George R Raub III
  • Connecting Design Requirements to Manufacturing Process
  • Maintaining Process Controls and Mistake-Proofing
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