1999-Fall-Automotive-Excellence-Performance Metrics

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  • Performance Metrics: Taking the Gamble out of strategic Planning
  • GAGEtrak-The key to controlling gages
  • Gagetrak Benefits,Features
    • Simplicity,flexibility and adherence to recognized industry guidelines all make Gagetrak the best choice for managing calibration system
  • Ten Rules for Developing management metrics
    • Measures must relate to the overall Strategy
    • Measure must be unique to the team
    • Measure must be simple to define and communicate
    • Performance indicators must be easy to measure and document
    • Measure must be sensitive enough to register small changes
    • Measure must provide fast feedback
    • Measure must be acted on quickly
    • Measures must relate to regularly performed activities
    • Measures must drive improvement activities
    • Measures must provide balance
  • Links between customer requirements and processes:
    • Customer requirements -> Quality/Business Objectives -> Quality/Business Planning -> Processes
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