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  • Strategic Alignment and Partnership by Carla Traci Preston
  • A Case Study in Six Sigma Application by Jhon Mansfield
  • Quality and Strategic Alignment by Sharon Hogarth: Timeless Principles of Exceptional companies
  • The small company Route to ISO 9000 by Douglas L. Berg and M.Harral: Benifits are available to small organizations when they adopt an ISO 9000 System
    • A firm may have satisfied its customers but still not meet the ISO 9000 requirement for supporting the company'sĀ ambitious quality policy.Quite possibly, management established unrealistic targets that exceed the company's capabilities, cultural intents, Customer requirements or established practices.
  • Linking QS-9000-Quality Planning to Continuous Improvement By R. Dan Reid
    • Continuous improvement is requirement that can be misunderstood.There are various types of improvement-Each has a place in the quality system, but not all are continuous improvement
  • Tooling and Equipment Supplement second edition by Jerry Rogers
    • The TE Supplement continues to emphasize the need for tooling and equipment suppliers to understand and practice reliability and maintainability techniques
  • The real impact of the QS-9000 Third edition by Chad Kymal
    • Companies with well-formulated and thoughtfully applied business operating systems will discover that the changes they must make to remain in compliance with QS-9000 are trivial.Because, within the quality system that drives their business activities, the QS-9000 requirements are little more than their minimum expectations
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